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New Commercial Buildings, Additions & Historic Renovation

W&B Prime is proud to have all of the resources within our organization to handle commercial construction projects from beginning to end.  From the railings outside to the tiles on the floor, you can be assured that your project manager is fully committed to every aspect of the project.  For commercial construction this is very crucial as your team only has to work with a single point of contact; one of dedicated experienced commercial building contractors.  The team at W&B Prime is comprised of specialist sub-contractors that have been vetted and most have a 35 year working history with the company founders. A good project in this field can be defined by the amount of “call backs” needed for rework.  We are very proud to have a 99% satisfaction rate with minimal if any “call backs” on our projects.

We are very proud to provide service to companies such as ACNB and Summit Health (Wellspan).

From renovations to building expansions and new construction, W&B Prime is your experienced building contractors.


Innovative Construction Solutions for Historical Buildings

As you tour a historical building renovated by W & B Prime Construction Services, you will notice that they maintain the historical aspects, while also constructing it for modern standards.  Historic buildings make great office spaces, but do require some work to bring them up to fire code, provide accessibility and also make them more practical work spaces. On a recent project an old building was plagued by constantly having a flooded basement.  The team at W&B Prime not only renovated the building, but also determined a way to divert water flow while adding additional parking spaces.  Parking is often difficult to find in town, but by adding additional parking space and correcting a flooding problem that had likely been experienced since its initial construction, we elevated the project to a level that customers have come to expect from our solutions.


Building Expansion & Renovations

W&B Prime is very proud of the work we have done with Adams County National Bank.  If you visit the bank in Gettysburg, PA, you can get a first hand experience at the quality of our work.  We remodeled that building and made it into a very beautiful and elegant branch that we love to show off. We added some additions and built the project to fit the needs of the customer, while also maintaining the buildings beautiful architecture.


Often when business’s think about adding on an expansion, they worry about how the new addition is going to match their current facility.  That was a concern for a construction project for Summit Health (Wellspan).  It was an older building and keeping a consistent feel was very important.  If you take a look at the work we did, you will find that it is very difficult to find where the addition connected to the existing building.  It looks like that space was always there!  The clients were very pleased as well because they were able to continue business operations throughout the project with our practical approach to these types of projects.


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