Commercial Building Contractors

Commercial Building Contractors

A commercial building contractor is a contractor that builds, remodels and renovates commercial buildings of all types, including office spaces, retail stores, restaurants, industrial buildings, factories and warehouses.

W&B Prime is proud to have all of the resources within our organization to handle commercial construction projects from beginning to end. From the railings outside to the tiles on the floor, you can be assured that your project manager is fully committed to every aspect of the project. For commercial projects this is very crucial as your team only has to work with a single point of contact; one of dedicated experienced commercial building contractors. The team at W&B Prime is comprised of specialist sub-contractors that have been vetted and most have a 35 year working history with the company founders. A good project in this field can be defined by the amount of “call backs” needed for rework. We are very proud to have a 99% satisfaction rate with minimal if any “call backs” on our projects.

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