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W and B Prime Construction Services was founded in 2015 by Gary Whitfield and Dwight Burkett. We specialize in new custom builds for both commercial and residential in addition to historical renovations that maintain the historical aspects of the building.  Gary has over 35 years of experience in building, carpentry, wood working, building plan design, and renovation.  W&B Prime Construction Services is very proud of Gary’s experience in building commercial properties for companies such as ACNB and Summit Health (Wellspan).   The teams  experience also includes construction for franchises, law firms, medical practices, surgeons, and a variety of other commercial builds.  Dwight also has over 35 years experience with a primary focus in residential properties, custom home plans and constructed multi-million dollar homes in Washington DC.

W & B Prime has an engineering and design team in house that specializes in drafting custom builds for both commercial and residential projects.  Additionally they will take engineered steel plans and design for the customers needs to fit the building plan.  Individuals looking to have custom home designed, drafted and constructed benefit greatly from W&B offering all of this in-house.  Commercial clients can be assured that the team at W&B Prime Construction Services is incredibly knowledgeable about building code and the requirements that municipalities put on commercially zoned property. They are proud members of the American Steel Builders Association.  The team has erected approximately eighty steel building structures and is very proud of their authorized builder status for American Steel Buildings.

Outside of commercial and residential construction, W&B Prime also tailors custom build solutions for government entities.  This includes construction of testing facilities, engineering services, and construction of machine foundations for high end government equipment in the millions of dollars.  Given the nature of governmental work, W&B Prime is very protective of confidential information and if interested in a government project please reach out to our team to learn more.

W&B Prime enjoys working with Network Ministries & Pregnancy Ministries in Chambersburg, PA and assisting with any need where they can contribute.  W&B Prime has also donated labor and time to Praying Time Ministries in Greencastle, PA.  The company has a strong focus on contributing and giving back to the community.


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